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Heralding Innovation™

The Hsuanyeh Law Group (“HLG”) was founded by inventor-entrepreneur Hsuanyeh Chang, with a doctorate in theoretical physics and extensive experience in patent preparation, prosecution and litigation at major international law and manufacturing firms. Other patent law professionals in the firm also have advanced-degree and industry expertise in a wide range of technologies including the electrical and mechanical arts and life sciences. HLG is joined by Stephen Y. Chow, who has a master’s degree in physics and forty years of full-spectrum technology law practice counseling and litigating on behalf of technology enterprises from start-up to Fortune 50. His practice focuses on intellectual property litigation, including patents he prepared and prosecuted, but also covers entity formation, finance and governance and deploying enterprise assets in global competition.

HLG provides business-and technology-informed legal support in full coverage of the innovation process, the bringing forward of ideas and inventions to create and sustain an industry that realizes those ideas and inventions:

  • Bringing forward ideas of commercial and technological value securely and strategically through appropriately tailored contracts, policies and preliminary filings
  • Bringing forward inventions in cost-effectively and market-strategically written, claimed and prosecuted patent applications in full consideration of sustainable and competing intellectual property (“IP”) portfolios in the relevant global commercial context
  • Appeals of agency determinations and reexaminations such as those of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”)
  • Contested matters such as oppositions and inter partes review
  • Advancing the industry – building and maintaining the enterprise by
  • Licensing in and out of technological and commercial information and rights
  • Litigating IP and trade rights in federal and state courts and agencies such as the U.S. International Trade Commission (“USITC”)
  • Managing information of and about the enterprise through
  • Branding support in securing and enforcing trademarks and identity
  • Cybersecurity and information privacy

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Heralding Innovation™

HLG provides business-and technology-informed legal support in full coverage of the innovation process.

Heralding Ideas™

HLG supports its clients in bringing forward, developing, and securing their innovative and valuable ideas.

Heralding Invention™

HLG professionals are informed in their patent preparation and prosecution by their hands-on experience and decision-making.

Heralding Industry™

HLG supports its clients’ development of ideas and inventions into the development and advance of industries.

Heralding Information™

Successfully building and maintaining the industry requires sound continuing management of its information.

Heralding Internationally™

HLG advises on global strategies with its full-spectrum advantage and its access to international colleagues.