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Heralding Internationally™

Although currently qualified to practice in the U.S. only, HLG advises on global strategies with its full-spectrum advantage and its access to international colleagues.

HLG provides localization, filing and registrations in the USPTO of international patent and trademark applications and in other appropriate registries of other IP.

We offer analysis and advice in export control of products and technical information transfer (which may be to a foreign national in the United States).

HLG provides services in petitioning for or defending in USITC Section 337 Import Investigations sometimes in coordination with other proceedings, such as anti-dumping.

We have counseled and helped prepare documentation to support international investment in U.S. enterprises, such as reporting to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”).

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Heralding Innovation™

HLG provides business-and technology-informed legal support in full coverage of the innovation process.


Heralding Ideas™

HLG supports its clients in bringing forward, developing, and securing their innovative and valuable ideas.


Heralding Invention™

HLG professionals are informed in their patent preparation and prosecution by their hands-on experience and decision-making.


Heralding Industry™

HLG supports its clients’ development of ideas and inventions into the development and advance of industries.


Heralding Information™

Successfully building and maintaining the industry requires sound continuing management of its information.


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